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【with English Translations The Bonsai masterpiece collection Vol.1 Top Prize Winning Bonsai – 1  】

An indispensable book for all bonsai collectors 
Timeless edition, masterpiece collection brought to you exclusively by our company
Learn about the bonsai world through its masterpieces

The Bonsai Masterpiece Collection series features an inheritance of bonsai master work. An introduction to the Japanese culture of bonsai though its highest quality pieces, this book is not only a pictorial record. The charm, history and highlights are introduced with beautiful gravure pictures and detailed explanations. Book one features the Kokufū prize winning bonsai, the top Japanese bonsai of the year. It also features the grand prize winners of other major exhibitions. Explanations are translated into English so it is recommended not only for foreign bonsai collectors but also for people who are interested in Japanese culture. An indispensable book for all bonsai collectors, this timeless edition masterpiece collection book is presented to you by our company.

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【英訳付 名品鑑賞で学ぶ盆栽の世界 盆栽名品集 第1巻 最高賞の名木たち(一)】



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